Foster Feeding Bottle

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Our banana shaped toughened glass bottles are used worldwide to hand rear a wide range of animals. Made from toughened glass, the bottles are hand formed into the unique banana shape, with the open teat end shaped to receive the teat/nipple, and the filler end shaped for the thumb/finger, or bottle valve, to control the flow. The bottle is easily cleaned with the bottle brush provided and is kept sterile by boiling or immersing in sterilising fluid

The standard feeder (FFB1), for kittens and small animals contains one pack of three small teats (ST1), and a bottle brush. The major feeder (FFB2), for puppies and larger animals contains one pack of medium teats (ST2), one pack of large teats (ST3) and a bottle brush.

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Bottle Valve (BV) – Use a bottle valve with the Foster Feeding Bottle to help control the flow of milk.

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