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Trigene advance pet disinfectant 250ml

Trigene advance pet disinfectant 250ml

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TRIGENE ADVANCE combines the entire formidable array of microbiological credentials of original TriGene with the enhanced facilities of faster and more effective anti-pathogenic activity. The all-new TRIGENE ADVANCE is far safer to use than conventional products since, due to the benefit of the unique micro-emulsion carrier system, its key ingredients are included at a lesser volume than would otherwise be necessary.

Safety, security and simplicity have been enhanced too, allowing TRIGENE ADVANCE High Level Disinfectant to offer a single, economic dilution for virtually all environmental challenges.

TRIGENE ADVANCE is recommended for use at 1:200 for general cleaning and 1:100 for high risk disinfection of organisms in heavy soil conditions.

TRIGENE ADVANCE is: • Bactericidal • Fungicidal • Tuberculocidal • Virucidal • Sporicidal • Biodegradable

TRIGENE ADVANCE is suitable for use on most surfaces, chairs, floors, walls and appliances. It is safe, flexible and economical to use.

Once mixed it will keep for up to 6 months.

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